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NONI (Morinda Citrifolia)


Noni is an adaptogen that works at the cellular level to help your animal maintain optimal health and performance.

Noni contains many compounds that work together to support the physical and mental well being of your animal.

For thousands of years Noni has been used to alleviate symptoms of many common ailments, including skin problems, neuro disorders, digestive issues, weak immune sytems, musculoskeletal disorders, cuts and wounds.

Noni will also facilitate higer levels of absorption and better utilization of macro nutrients in your animal's body.

H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid)


H.A. is the key component in cartilage, connective tissue, and synovial fluid in the joints.  It works by acting as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues.  In addition, it positvely affects the way your animal's body will respond to injury.

A daily regimen of orally administered H.A. will significantly increase the flexibility and range of motion of your animal, and help alleviate the aches and pains associated with age, daily excercise and competition.

H.A. has a high molecular weight limiting how much is acutally absorbed into the body.  However, Noni is the perfect companion as it acts as a carrier increasing the rate of absorption.

 The synergistic blend of Noni and H.A. makes this one of the best joint support, health and wellness supplements on the market.

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